Endurance vs perseverance

At a particular point in your life you will be given a challenge to test your endurance.

I’m at that point in life where my endurance limit is being tested..all i can say is that it is a tough spot for me,a spot i never wanted to be in cause i’m someone who likes to voice out.

To what extent

Should i endure?

This question has been in my head for almost a week now and i am so confused

  • When should i react
  • What if my actions complicates issues?
  • How do i become more accomodative?

These questions were in my head since the beginning of this week and they have been torturing me since then, i felt like throwing this questions here.

I’m so open to advice cause i feel i can’t give myself a candid advice right now due to my emotions.❤❤

Thank you!!

Thank you to my 100+ family, i’m super excited to have reached this point cause i never saw this coming.


I can actually say the journey so far hasn’t been the easiest for me. There were those hard crucial moments i had when i just wanted to stop blogging,not because i really wanted to but because i was going through a whole lot.

Starting a blog at the time i did was not something i planned to happen at that time so it’s safe to say it was all “God’s plan”.

I started blogging without even knowing what i was gonna do,with no one to put me through all i had were my thoughts which i wanted to pen down and a few bloggers which i got inspired by.


The highlight of my blogging journey will be

  • Everyone’s perspective is different
  • What is the craziest thing you have done for love?

I feel like this two blog post were my favourite and they really passed across the message i wanted to get out to the audience,plus it says a lot about my real life experience and i was so happy with the response i got from people both on wordpress and outside wordpress. So yeah they definitely are my highlights are the moment.

In the spirit of happiness, i wanna do something different which is “asking the audience the topic you would like me to blog about”

So i’ll be taking three blog topics from all your ideas put together, all you have to do is to make it known in the comment section and i’ll try my best to take three out of them for now.

Much love guys❤❤

How to enhance your mental health 101

I actually did a vlog on this topic and i posted it on instagram,i just felt the need to post the written one here.

Will be posting another blog still on this topic but in a different way soon, so be expecting it.

If you want to watch the vlog i did on it which i think you should,you can go to my ig page @jaydee_daily .

Your comments are always appreciated❤

My skin moisturizer

For awhile now people have been asking me questions like

  • What cream are you using?
  • How come your skin is looking better than before?

So i decided to give an answer;on today’s blog i’ll be talking about:

  • My skin moisturizer
  • Why i use it as my lips moisturizer
  • Why i love my lips moisturized
  • The benefits of skin moisturizer
  • Maintaining a healthy skin


Naturally my skin isn’t the dry type,it only gets dried in dry seasons,so i never had a reason to use a moisturizer,maybe also because i never knew of it’s benefits too.

Here is the thing,some months back i noticed that my skin was looking a bit too dull even after using my normal cream,and then that just got me worried. Then i had to think of a method to make my skin look good again, i asked my mom if she new any and then she told me “why not use vaseline,it is a moisturizer” so that’s when i saw the need to use a moisturizer,i bought it and started using it and it’s been amazing since then.

I don’t actually use it too often because of my type of skin which is prone to skin problems like acne and rashes,so i use it moderately and sometimes i mix it with my cocoa butter cream and they both make a perfect combo to give me a much healthier skin. I also use the vaseline to moisturize my lips giving it that popping look.


Vaseline as my lips moisturizer? Ikr… Why not a normal lip gloss? Well you can’t compare the two in terms of it’s healthy benefits, lips gloss are equally good but they don’t have the benefits as that of vaseline or other moisturizers.

I pratically put the vaseline moisturizer on whenever i am going out or even at home when i feel the need to.



Well there’s a saying that “prevention is better than cure” right? The biggest deal for me is that it helps me not to lick my lips when it is dry, the last thing i wanna put in someone’s mind is that i am interested in them when i am not. About a year back i was going through the net and i saw that one of the ways to know if someone is interested in you is when they lick their lips while talking to you, and i’m like why will someone even think like that😂 since then i always put on a moisturizer or a lip gloss just to prevent such from happening lol.

Aside from that,it actually boost up my confidence,adds a sense of beauty to my face and it makes me happy.



I think the name explains it all,it moisturizes your skin making it

  • Healthy
  • Soft
  • silky &
  • Good to look at.



This involves your self effort on how much you want to look good. I’ll itemize a few “must do things” in maintaining a healthy skin

  • Bath regularly
  • Avoid harsh soaps and cream
  • Know your skin type
  • Use moisturizers
  • Eat fruits

Time management- tips on “how to manage your time”

A discussion with a friend of mine actually led me to this topic.

Time management is key in achieving much,having a hard time in managing time is actually our everyday normal which ruins our plans for a particular day.

Can you manage your time properly inspite of your tight schedule? Yes darling you can.

Are you having a hard time in managing your time properly and you are so frustrated about it? Well don’t worry i’ll be sharing some tips which i created to help me deal with this particular problem.

My tips on “how to manage your time properly”

  • Be farmilar with your mondays-sundays: This shouldn’t be so hard since you have practically lived for awhile;knowing how each day goes from the activities that are perculiarly carried out on that day down to the people that make up those activities. Knowing these little things are actually important in helping us manage our time properly.
  • Create a to-do list: This provides you with a sense of duty and also a form of challenge to perform every single thing there for that day. From what i know people love challenges and will not focus on anything else until they finish that off.

  • Filter your day: This means to remove unnecessary things or cut them down; unnecessary things tend to eat time the most,they eat into your time,at the end of the day you won’t have time to do the necessary things.
  • Know that “some days are tougher and tighter than some”: As much as you wanna have all the time in the world well you can’t, if you are running a side hustle,working for someone, working as an enterprenuer,studying and stuffs like that,you can’t always have time for yourself cause somethings can’t be forced,endure it for that particular time and then rest when an opportunity presents itself to you.
  • Do not procastinate: I am a 100% guilty on this one,in fact i’ve been charged guilty by the court😂 cause i procastinate a lot. As much as you feel you can do a particular thing some other day nah you actually may not be able to cause that day has it’s own plan and also has unplanned events attached to it.

So this leads me to talk about a particular thing i call the “unplanned events” yeah they are like wedding crashers lol, you know those events that you were not expecting to happen at a particular time that just happens yeah those are “unplanned events” and they also play a big role in making people lack “time management”, they are bound to happen,we cannot plan out our lives with a 100% mark nope we can’t and that’s why procastination is bad.

Using these tips will surely be helpful, i do hope for it to be helpful.

If you have questions on this topic feel free to ask on the comment section.

Break lessons❤


It’s been like how long now since i decided to go on a break? I went on a break to restrategize and find myself,guess what? I achieved just that and i’m back.

Finding oneself is truly key(a lesson i learnt)…

So now let’s talk about the lessons i learnt while being on a break:

*Find yourself first before any other thing.

*Have a hunger and thirst for what you do;cause only then will you be able to find your way back.

*seek advice from others; for awhile i’ve been engaging in chats with people which has been so helpful in discovering my lapses and becoming better,i entertained constructive advice and ideas from people and i can say i did well.

I would say it wasn’t really easy coming to that decision of “taking other people’s opinion”. Why? As we all know humans will always be humans,they will always misuse opportunities and that was my greatest fear.

Inspite of that i decided to push through with it applying wisdom and filtering words that would affect me.

The biggest deal in all this for me was that i finally found my niche in blogging which is “lifestyle blogging”. I hope to focus on that using instagram as a medium for now then move over to youtube in time.

I’m sending my love to y’all who are having a hard time in finding yourself, i hope that it will pass soon enough and you will discover yourself soonest❤❤.

Heyy beautiful people, hope y’all are doing just fine? How’s the lockdown in your area? Is it bad or has it been relieved a bit?

Well i know we all going through this whole crises and all, i know how frustrating it can be cause i myself, am literally frustrated yeah i am

Not being able to move freely,not seeing friends and loved ones who stay far off trust me i know.

But i want y’all to remain strong yeah please do, i don’t know when all this is gonna end, but there’s one thing i know and that is “everything has an end”

So do me a favour by remaining strong till then. I love y’all❤❤

I need help

Heyy guys..

I know it’s been like so long since i posted any of my blog post.

I’ve been wondering about a whole lot though..do people actually have a heart or even a conscience at least??

I was advised to accomodate people, to learn how to love people..okay i tried but that did not turn out so well..this month has been so terrible for me.

I seriously hate drama and i’ve always tried to avoid it but it just keeps coming back at me..i really hope i have the strength to go through this😪

Wish me luck😭❤

Just a conversation

Do you actually know that we bloggers do have our numb days? i mean those days when we can’t seem to put an event into writting even though we are living through each events

I have my numb days though, those days when i can’t seem to write a simple blog..the worst part is that the ideas are right there in my head but i can’t seem to connect with it..or probably i was just being a lazy ass lol.

Yeah you might say it’s cause we don’t have an inspiration or cause we don’t love what we do but that is totally wrong.

Come on people, i think you are forgetting the facts that we are humans too and our body will not always obey us.

So i just wanted to share this with you guys, i wanted to share my views,it’s actually nothing serious though😂

Thanks for listening💕..you can also share your own view concerning this and you can follow me up if you love my blog☺

2020 soon!

So this year is actually ending today, in fact it’s ending in 3 hours.

Seriously i can not express my gratitude enough for so much that has happened in this year, this year had a lot of drama,a lot of pain and stuffs like that and am so glad it’s ending..i appreciate all the lessons that i learnt and all the memories that i shared.

I hope for a better year with all my wishes coming true..love all my followers and viewers for all your support. I wish you all a better year ahead.

2020 see you soon💃💃

Is there such a thing as soul mate?

I’ve heard people talk about this soul mate stuff..some even went to the point of saying that they are waiting for their soul mate.

Actually i’ve been hearing different beliefs lately and it’s been so totally funny 😂i don’t just know why i never belief in those stuffs that most people belief in..swears i seriously don’t know why 😅.

I need to ask cos am seriously confused is this stuff real..i mean does a soul mate actually exists.

Please guys i need answers..thanks❤❤