Does a place like that truly exist?

I guess we all pray for a world of our own.

A world where we could just be our selves, a world that doesn’t discriminate our skin colour or tell us the life we should be living.

Just our own little world where we could be our own boss, I mean everyone loves freedom right?

A place where we won’t be rejected,where we won’t be betrayed, we ask ourselves each passing day “why does my life have to be this way? I mean I have tried my best to be someone people will not have to question, I have built myself to be that person that her morality cannot be questioned yet this doesn’t seem to be enough at all, it’s like I didn’t even try at all ”

A world where we won’t have to hear people’s nagging words, where we won’t have people saying stuffs at our back

That place where we can be accepted for who we really are, that place where we do not have to change a thing about us.

And then I ask us this question :

Does a place like that truly exist?

To my followers❤

Am sure you will be like why haven’t I posted a blog post for awhile now..the truth is that I’ve been so busy 😭am sure you guys can remember when I said I was going to be super busy soon, well it’s starting already.

I’ll tell you some of things I’ll be busy with or some of the things I’ve been busy with.

1: I’ve been trying new approaches as to building my blog…and I finally opened my instagram account 💃💃lol u can imagine, so am trying to promote my blog or rather build my blog with it.

2: Exams : oh lord strengthen me 😂😂they are just so much… I mean the exams.

So guys I really need your support, you know the greatest joy of a writer is being successful in all his /her write-ups. I’ll be posting most of my blog post there #ig in other to build it, I need your follows and any other help you can render.

Oh yeah I am also giving an avenue for blog post suggestions,sounds great right 😊so you could just tell me the topic you want me to talk about as long as it is the type of blog I post of cause I’ll try my best to do it.

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How will you be remembered?

What legacy are you going to leave behind? how will you be remembered? what will you be remembered for?

Will you be remembered for your bad attitude?will you be remembered for how many problems you were able to solve or create? Will you be remembered for your kindness? Will you be remembered for the impact you made in people’s lives?

People might as well be happy that you are gone, I mean a nuisance just left, or they could probably be sad that a good person has gone.

Why don’t you live a life that is worth it, a live that others would be proud of, be that person that at least if not everyone but most people are happy to celebrate.. Don’t be a pain in the neck.

People are remembered for the problems they solved or created. Give them a legacy to remember.

That way even though you are gone you will always be celebrated in their hearts cause legacies are always forever.

Christmas is approaching

So it’s a new month, and not just any month but a month to Christmas 💃💃

Happy new month guys❤

Altho I haven’t felt Christmas coming.. U know what I mean that’s that good Christmas feeling, nah I haven’t felt it yet.. But the vibe people are giving shows that Christmas is near 😁

Am not a celebration kinda person but I just love Christmas.. The aura it gives is top notch 💃❤

To my momma ❤❤

To my momma I’ll say I love you.. I know this word ain’t enough buy I’ll still say it cos I do.

Am grateful for your teachings and your guidance.. U have been such a pillar that has held me tight, you are a friend and not just a friend but a best friend..

U taught me how to be strong, you made your life an example that I should follow, an example that anyone else would wanna follow.

I say this from my heart that am blessed to be your baby, I love you and I cherish you.

I thank God in heaven for blessing me with you cos I certainly do not deserve are a strong woman and a virtuous woman.

I remember the hard times and how you pulled through it, I remember when I was down and you encouraged me, I remember the times when I was hell sick and you took part in my pain.

I’ll always feel that I do not deserve a mother like you cause I know that am a mess, I may be so hard hearted but the heavens knows how much I love you..

I praise my momma not because am trynna be a “good daughter “not at all but cause she deserves it and so much more.

I pray that I’ll live up to ur expectations and I’ll make you proud.

I love u momma💖

Your baby girl ❤

Am rooting for me💖

I am rooting for me cause I don’t think anyone else would.

I believe in myself and in my capabilities.

I know that I’ll make it cause I’ve made it this far.

Yeah I’m rooting for me because I deserve it.

I’m no super woman but am strong willed, I may not be a man but I’ve done things that most guys in my generation can’t or won’t do.

I’ve faced so much and am still standing.

I’m rooting for me cause I have trust in my potentials…

We may bear the same name but you will never be me.

I’m rooting for myself because I love myself❤.

You all should root for yourself cause you deserve it ❤❤

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love ?

This is such an interesting topic which I’ll like to discuss with you guys.

I’ll start from myself ..i think the craziest thing I’ve done for love was accepting a person back into my life even after a betrayal, actually I don’t know if it should be termed “crazy” or “stupid” cause I think it was more stupid than crazy.

Yeah it really was! Anyways it did happen.

I’ve asked other people this same question face to face and I got to hear their own all I’ll just say love is really something isn’t it? I’ve done other crazy stuffs tho but that topped it all.

Well we can’t be blamed for all we did in the name of love cause there’s a saying that “all is fair in love and war ” . The length people can go for love itself is crazy.

So what’s your take on this?

I look forward to your comments ❤